Konica KM512 LNX 35pl Printhead

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Konica KM512 LNX 35pl printhead type for solvent ink is available for solvent inks and its nozzle plate which has depressed portion scratch resistant.

The KM512 LNX 35pl is fitted with 512 nozzles delivering a droplet size of 35 picolitre and native resolution of 360dpi. It is a shear mode, piezo on-demand printhead functioning in binary mode only and is compatible with solvent, oil-based and UV inks. It comes complete with Head ID, required waveform information and product warranty.

Konica KM512 LNX 35pl Specifications:
Resolution: 180dpi×2lines=360dpi
Number of Nozzles: 256nozzles×2lines = 512nozzles
Drop Size: 35pl
Max Frequency: 10kHz
Nozzle Pitch: 70.5μm(141μm 2lines)