Konica KM512i 30pl Print head

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The Konica KM512i LNB 30pl print head is a robust print head , shear mode, piezo on-demand print head that is usable in binary mode only. This Konica Minolta print head has 512 nozzles with a droplet size of 30 picolitre and a native resolution of 360 dpi. It is compatible with solvent inks. This is Konica original print head and it includes the Head ID and the necessary waveform information.

Konica KM512i LNB 30pl Specifications
- Technology: On-Demand Piezo Electric
- Drive System: Indepenent drive system
- Native Resolution: 360 dpi
- Cal. Droplet Size: 30 pico litre
- Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 512 (256 nozzles per line)
- Print Width: 72.2 mm
- Firing Frequency: 30,4 kHz
- Ink Compatibility: Solvent
- Heater: not integrated