Konica KM1024 LHB 42PL Print Head with Heater

Konica KM1024 LHB 42PL Print Head with Heater

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The Konica KM1024 LHB 42pl ultra-slim compact design not only makes it the preferred choice for space-poor environments, but it also contributes to enhanced print quality. Alignment errors in the transport or traverse systems are minimized through closely mounted printheads, responsible for improved print registration and a more reliable quality print.
Having various printheads mounted close together can reduce the length of the print path and often result in an overall decrease in machine size. Due to the development of the low-capacitance actuator, the CO2 emissions in Konica KM1024 LHB 42pl are reduced by approximately 50% compared with the KM512 range. Further benefits include a 20% reduction in petroleum-derived resources, approximately 20% reduction in footprint, and 20% reduction in weight when compared to the KM512 range.

Konica KM1024 LHB 42pl Specifications
Technology: On-Demand Piezo Electric (Shared Wall 3 Cycle)
Native Resolution: 360 dpi
Cal. Droplet Size: 42 pico litre
Max. Drops in Greyscale: 8 drops
Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1024 (512 nozzles per line)
Nozzle Spacing: 70.5 microns
Print Width: 72 mm
Firing Frequency: 6.7 kHz
Ink Compatibility: UV and Solvent Inks
Heater: integrated

Konica KM1024 LHB 42pl is compatible with MonoPrint 72, ColourPrint 144, MonoPrint 144, ColourPrint 282, MonoPrint 282, ColourPrint 352, MonoPrint 352, Flora F1 320UV,IIJ ColourPrint 72.