Kyocera KJ4B-0300 Printhead


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Kyocera KJ4B-0300 printhead (300 dpi) comprises the latest Kyocera achievements in textile printing. The head has 2 channels with 1328 nozzles each which provides reliable supply of ink. No matter if you need fast speed, high resolution or grayscale textile printing, Kyocera KJ4B-0300 head can do it simultaneously. Overall, it is stable inkjet solution for textile printing with large printing area.

Dimensions 200mm x 36mm x 61.1mm
Weight 580g
Ink AQ type
Number of nozzles 2656
Standard Resolution 300 x 600 x 2 Colours
Effective Print Width 112.35mm
Max Drive Freuency 30 kHz
Max Print Speed 75 m/min
Drop Volume 5-18pl
Optimum Viscosity 5 - 6 mPa*s