Kyocera KJ4A-0300 Printhead for HandTop Hybrid plotters


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Kyocera KJ4A-0300 printhead (300 dpi) is an excellent, high-speed technological solution for sign graphics with it its two-colour mechanism perfectly suitable for multi-pass printing. The head uses UV ink and weights only 540 grams.

Kyocera KJ4A-0300 inkjet printhead has 2 channels with 1328 nozzles each which make effective printing width of 112.35mm covering wider printing area with less heads. Its maximum drive frequency is 30 kHZ and maximum printing speed reaches 75m per minute.

The head allows to make high resolution printing with reliable control to its 2656 tiny nozzles providing excellent printing performance.

Dimensions 200mm x 36mm x 61.4mm
Weight 540g
Ink Uv type
Number of nozzles 2656
Standard Resolution 300 x 600 x 2 Colours
Effective Print Width 112.35mm
Max Drive Freuency 30 kHz
Max Print Speed 75 m/min
Drop Volume 4-14pl
Optimum Viscosity 6 - 7 mPa*s
This head is compatible with HandTop Hybrid HT2500UV plotter.