Ricoh Gen4 Printhead

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Ricoh Gen4 printhead has the following specifications: 384 channels, 30 kHz, greyscale capability, two colour support, it has an integrated heater and thermistor. Ricoh Gen4 printhead is compatible with a variety of UV, solvent and water inks and is fitted with an integrated thermistor and heater operating up to 60° C.
Ricoh printhead has a native drop volume of 7 picoliter, comes with the option of two cable lengths (19cm and 44cm), and users can choose between an o-ring sealed inlet or hose barb ink inlet. Ricoh Gen4 is covered by a manufacturer warranty.

The head is compatible with the following Apollo and Gunsjet printers:
Digitex Gunsjet SR1808, Gunsjet SR2508, Gunsjet SR3208, Gunsjet SF1914, Gunsjet UF4547, DYSS Apollo GH1600-08F, Apollo GH1600-08F, Apollo GH1600-08SF, Apollo GH1600-10FM, Apollo GH1600-12S, Apollo GH1600-12SFWFV, Apollo GH2200-08F, Apollo GH2200-08SF, Apollo GH2200-08SR, Apollo GH2200-10FM, Apollo GH2200-12S, Apollo GH2200-16SFWFV, Apollo GH2600-08F, Apollo GH2600-08SF, Apollo GH2600-10FM, Apollo GH2600-12S, Apollo GH2600-12SFWFV, Apollo GF2616-08F, Apollo GF2616-10FFW, Apollo GF2616-10FRW, Apollo GF2616-12F, Apollo GF2616-12S, Apollo GF2616-14SFW, Apollo GF2616-14SRW, Apollo GF2616-16F, Apollo GF2616-16SFWFV, Apollo GF2616-16SRWRV, Agfa Jeti 1224 HDC FTR

Ricoh Gen4 print head SPECIFICATION
Size - 63(W) x 63(D) x 16.2(H) mm (excluding cables)
Head materials - SST, Ni & Epoxy adhesive (Direct contact with ink)
Nozzle plate surface - Non-coated SST
Number of nozzles - 2x 192 channels
Ink inlet port - 2x dual ports
Piezo type - D33 stacked PZT
Drop ejection mode - Piston pusher with metallic diaphragm plate
Integrated electronics - Low-voltage serial to high-voltage parallel converter with 2-bit shift resistors and transmission gate outputs.
Temperature control - Integrated heater and thermistor
Operating temperature range - Up to 60 ° C

Gen4 print head INKS:
Compatible jetting fluids - Water, solvent, oil, UV curable
Viscosity range - 10-12 cP (at operating temp.)
Surface tension - 28-35 dynes/cm

Gen4 print head PERFORMANCE:
Native drop volume - 7 pico-liter
Drop volume range / variation - 5-25 pico-liter with grey-scale / ±10%
Drop velocity nominal / variation - 8 m/sec / ±10%
Crosstalk - 10% or less with all channels firing
Jet straightness 1 sigma - < 3.5 milli-radian from nozzle centerline
Operating jetting frequency - Native drop; Up to 30kHz / Grey-scale; Up to 20kHz