Konica KM 512 MH 14 pl printhead

Konica KM 512 MH 14 pl printhead

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KM 512 MH 14 pl printhead with the heater

Functioning in both binary and 4 level grayscale mode, The Konica Minolta KM512 MH printhead allows variable drop size and improved print quality without requiring additional printheads. Its 512 nozzles produce a droplet size of 14 picolitre and a native resolution of 360dpi. An inbuilt heater (operating up to 55C) makes the Konica KM 512 MH 14 pl compatible with UV, oil-based and solvent inks. Through application of an electric field in accordance with signals, the Konica KM 512 MH 14 pl piezo on-demand inkjet ejects ink drops utilizing deformation of small chambers made up of piezoelectric material. High-density nozzle array and reduced power usage result from shear mode piezo actuation with shared wall structure. Also known as the Konica Minolta KM512 MHX, this Konica original comes with the Head ID, required waveform information and product warranty.

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Compatible with the following printers: Anhui Liyu Victor KJ2512 / Victor KJ2520 / Victor KJ3020, Dilli Neo Titan UV-1606VS / Neo Titan UV-1606W / Neo Titan UV-2506W / Neo Titan UVT-1680 / Titan UV-1604D, Docan 2512 UV / 2518 UV / 2518-16 UV / 3020 UV, Flora F1 250UV / F1 320UV / F1 180UV / PP 1816UV / PP 2512UV / PP 3218UV, GCC StellarJet K100UV / StellarJet K72UV / StellarJet K72LSUV / StellarJet 183uv / StellarJet 183uvk, Gerber Solara Ion Z / CAT UV, Grapo Manta / Manta Slim / Manta White / Octopus II, IP&I Cube 260UV / Cube 160 / Cube 1606F / Cube 1606S / Cube 1606uv, Leopard UVB, Sun Neo UV-LED Evolution / Neo UV-LED Evolution Compact / Neo UV-LED Flatbed / Neo UV-LED GlassTech, Swissqprint Oryx / Impala, Ampla Digital Targa Elite

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