Spectra Polaris PQ 512 35 pl AAA

Spectra Polaris PQ 512 35 pl AAA

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Spectra Polaris 512 35pl AAA is built for binary jetting. The high performance printhead uses a 35-picoliter native drop size with 8 meters per second nominal drop velocity for jetting fluids within the 8-20 centipoise range.
Thanks to cutting edge VersaDrop technology, the printhead is able to adjust binary operation at drop sizes of up to 80 picoliter.
Compatible with a wide range of inks, the Spectra Polaris 512 35 pl AAA printhead runs on aggressive organic solvents, UV-curable inks, aqueous inks and associated maintenance fluids.
Its distinctive features mean each 256-channel module can be replaced and accurately registered without special equipment, recalibration or removal. An advanced mounting bezel with highly accurate registration points allows drop-in alignment with other carriage features.
Eight serial data lines supporting fire frequencies exceeding 50 kHz in Spectra Polaris 512 35 pl make up two electrical connectors.
Individual and two-color operation is made possible by the flexible fluid interface and each 256-channel module is dual-ported to assist seamless ink recirculation, priming and flushing. Ink viscosity is managed by sensors and heaters controlling temperatures up to 60C.

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Spectra Polaris 512 35pl is compatible with the following printers: DGI PQ-3202 / PQ-3204, Flora HJII 5000UV, Witcolor Ultra 4000 Polaris 3304