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Spectra Starfire SG1024/MA

Spectra Starfire SG1024/MA

$3,500.00  $2,970.00

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Spectra Starfire SG1024/MA printhead has 1024 independent channels arranged in 8 rows in a single nozzle plate for single color operation at 400 dpi.

Equipped with a singular, durable, collar mounted, coated
metal nozzle plate to withstand abrasion and resist damage, it
is removable for cleaning or replacement. The printhead has a
nominal 30 picoliter drop size with jetting fluids in the 8 to 20
centipoise range. When combined with VersaDrop? jetting
technology, the SG1024/MA can produce drop sizes up to 80
picoliters and full grayscale without penalty to productivity.
The StarFire SG1024/MA is compatible with solvent,
UV-curable, and aqueous based inks and maintenance fluids.
Using RediJet? technology, the SG1024/MA continuously
recirculates inks through the printhead at the nozzle and refill
chamber to increase open time, reduce downtime and improve
startup, especially for highly pigmented and fast drying inks.
RediJet allows StarFire printheads to be quickly and easily
primed with minimal ink waste thereby increasing the inherent
productive capacity of the printing system by reducing
maintenance times and associated costs.
The StarFire SG1024/MA printhead has simplified interfaces.
The electrical interface consists of one 60-pin connector
located topside for power, ground, data, control signals and fire
pulse. Two fluid connections facilitate easy priming, flushing
and continuous ink recirculation and connect to an ink supply
via Luer fittings.
Heating configuration includes an internal heater/thermistor
for precise control of ink viscosity at temperatures up to 55?C.
Precise registration points enable drop-in alignment with
customer provided mounting features, reducing set-up and
alignment costs during printhead replacement and also allow
multiple printheads to be accurately arrayed into print bars for
wide width, higher resolution and multi-color printing devices.